Black M-Forcer Helmet Equip - Armor Hat
Requires this STR 0
Requires this DEX 0
Requires this INT 0
Requires this LUK 0
Requires this job Beginner
Requires this level 75
Scrollable Count 7
Increases STR by 10
Increases DEX by 10
Increases INT by 10
Increases LUK by 10
Increases Weapon DEF by 80
Increases Magic DEF by 80
Increases ACC by 8
Increases EVA by 8
Is tradeblocked after equipped true
Exclusive slot of item Cp
Visual Slots of item CpH1H2H3H5HfHsAfAyAsAeHbH4H6
Set Information Black M-Forcer Set (Requires 2 of 2)